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Atlantis Turf Cell® grass reinforcement structure

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Perfect for Gravel Containment
The Gravel Cell® reinforcement structure is ideal for applications that require high infiltration of water into the substrate while preserving the location aggregate used for access roads and other applications.

The Gravel Cell® is easy to install and features a rigid clipping systems ensuring long term lateral stability.

The Atlantis Gravel Cell® reinforcement structure creates an attractive, durable hard surface suitable for light to medium loaded parking areas.



  • Driveways
  • Boat Ramps
  • Access Roads
  • Pathways


Cost Benefits
The sub-base required for cells is equal to or less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen.
Elimination of the traditional stormwater system required by impermeable carpark installations provides an immediate cost saving when installing Gravel Celll® for the same application.
Installation of Atlantis Gravel Cell® Completed Accesss Road with Atlantis Gravel Cell®
Completed Gravel Cell® Access Road Completed Footpath with Atlantis Gravel Cell®


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